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How Toxic Are California Children? A Study Examines Their Diets

Researchers analyzed the diets of California children ages two through seven†to determine the cancer and non-cancer health effects from food contaminant exposures. It turns out food may be the primary…


Oil Sands: Destroying the Foods Native Americans Rely On

A new study released last week found higher than normal levels of pollutants in wild foods that comprise a large part of traditional Native American (First Nations) diets in Alberta, Canada.† The stud…


7 Food Safety Tips From Chef and Food Safety Expert Mareya Ibrahim

Food-borne illnesses are a growing problem in the United States, with 1 in 6 Americans becoming sick from them every year. Stories of E. coli in spinach, salmonella in peanut butter and contaminated c…


What Is Food Reconditioning?

By Lacy J. Hansen for Itís no secret that food companies aim to make money. They strive to spend as little as possible and bring in much more than they spend, thatís just business…


Insects and Rodent Hair in Your Food?

As a child I was given over to brimming excitement whenever I had the opportunity to open a box of cereal that was clearly holding a foreign object inside. In this case the foreign object was most a…


Chemicals in Food Packaging

Dear Annie, Do I need to worry about the plastics I use for food storage? I've been reading a lot about the dangers of plastics recently. --Sally, MI Yes, especially if you are of child bearing yea…


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I'm not worried besides i only use to heat things a few times per week.

Continued The President's Democratic approach is to stop the money all staying in the hands of th…

Great advice!!

Microwaving is a fast and efficient way to have a meal ready to eat when you come home hungry and ti…

I am against "babyhood" vaccinations for anyone who has autoimmune, cancer, or other such diseases i…