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Chicken Skin: You Have Got to Be Chicken Kidding Me?

The world of food consciousness is as much about the pleasure and refinement of the dining experience as it is about indulgent and frivolous trends. For every one step towards real culinary innovation…


The Enduring Appeal of Grilled Cheese

Once a childhood staple relegated to children's menus (between the "chicken fingers" and the fruit cup), grilled cheese has been on somewhat of a protracted resurgence for almost a decade. Some enthus…


Why is There Bacon in Flippin’ Everything?

About 20 years ago, my then girlfriend had just returned from her grandmother's house holding two paper shopping bags full of department store Christmas gifts. She pulled out a few dozen clothing and …


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Quite a powerful article for someone in their mid 60s. The listed concerns are indeed concerns :( …

I'm 71. Things are set up as prudently as possible--including Power of Attorney for Healthcare and, …

All species find those things highly annoying.

You left out cannabis flowers - ummm love them.

Certainly this is a rather interesting concept, certainly very different to what we have become used…