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6 Ingredients to Keep Off Salads

  Salads are often seen as the pinacle of healthy eating. But just because something is a salad doesn't mean it's all that nutritious. Case in point, though this is obviously an extreme exampl…


What Japan’s Radiation Means for U.S. Food

I am generally what you'd call an anti-alarmist. Seat belts? Cars in the 70s didn't have seat belts and look at all these people still walking around. Plane crashes? Ridiculously less likely than a ca…


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I really only "can" exercise before breakfast, if I don't, I won't all day!

So sad, but I´m glad they first gave Bela the chance to find a new home, no one could know he&…

I like mine best....." retired" .

I don't use pesticides or any nasty chemicals on my garden, it's all organic