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Frog Species Rediscovered After 62 Years

A single specimen of the Bururi long-fingered frog was discovered recently in Burundi. None of them had been seen for 62 years, so it was a great rediscovery. The endangered frog is just about 1.5 inc…


Frogs Eaten into Extinction?

Global demand for frogs legs is pushing the poor amphibians towards extinction. Billions of frogs are either captured or raised on farms to be sold as food in markets or restaurants. The international…


Harlequin Frog Could Go Extinct in Panama

Toad Mountain Harlequin frogs only live in one area of Panama's dense tropical jungles - the Darien Province, and their population is down to a dangerous level. In an expedition at the beginning of th…


Frog Dissections Banned at California High School

Rancho Verde High School near Riverside, CA has banned frog dissections and replaced them with computer-based virtual learning experiences. They are apparently the first high school to ban the dissect…


Prisoners Help Threatened Frogs

In Washington state, prisoners are helping to restore the Oregon Spotted Frog species, which is threatened and a candidate for the endangered list. One prisoner was a drug dealer and a pimp. Anothe…


Frog Species Rediscovered After 30 Years – in Trash

The Silent Valley tropical frog (Micrixalus thampii) was rediscovered in India's Western Ghats after 30 years of being missing, by a researcher who just happened to look in a trash bin. Robin Moore, f…


3 New Distinctive Frog Species Discovered

Conservation International just reported the discovery of three new amphibian species in Colombia. The three species include: "a mysterious toad with ruby-colored eyes, a diminutive long-nosed bea…


Frogs Could Help Defeat Bacterial Diseases

Researchers from United Arab Emirates recently announced results of their frog skin study, which identified over 100 antibiotic substances taken from frog skin secretions. Scientists around the world …


Two New Frog Species Discovered in Panama

Ordinarily the discovery of two new frogs species would be only cause for jubilation, and it is, but there's a catch and it's a big one. At Omar Torrijos National Park, researchers noticed a frog they…


New Frog Species Discovered in India

A new species of frog has been discovered by S.D. Biju of Delhi University, Franky Bossuyt, Yogesh Shouche, Alain Dubois, and S. Dutta. It lives in a very small area at the summit of Anamudi, which is…


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