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10 Activities More Fun Than A Bad Date

"Well, that was a waste of make-up," groused my client Connie after a dinner date the previous weekend. Connie wasn't just frustrated over this particular dinner companion; she was beginning to believ…


How To Move On From Your Divorce Blues

Divorce can hit you like a hurricane you never knew was coming. The storm roars with fear, doubt, confusion, anger, rejection and sadness. Maybe you initiated the separation or maybe your ex did. Rega…


Why Breakups Affect Our Appetite & Diet

There's no doubt about it: breakups can shake us to our core. Although we all deal with them differently, many people have experienced the phenomenon as the "breakup diet." Why does heartbreak cause u…


12 Practical Tips For Mending A Broken Heart

You may remember the old song "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" ... and it's the damn truth! Time will heal your aching heart, but the meantime can be a mean time and breakups are a real bummer. Thankfully,…


The Dos & Don’ts Of Using Social Media, Post-Breakup

Who can resist the urge to look at their ex's Facebook page? Admit it. It calls your name and whispers, "Check me out!" No harm, right? An astute researcher in England begs to differ. A recent stud…


My Most Regretful Breakup Behavior

I recently read an article about how to exit a relationship gracefully, hoping to see myself in its words. After all, I went through a pretty nasty divorce that dragged on for a year-and-a-half before…


8 Tips to Survive a Bad Breakup

By Jon Spayde, Experience Life Expert Source: Susan J. Elliott, JD, MEd, certified grief counselor, attorney, relationship coach and author of Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn a Devastating L…


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