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Love Bars

You'll find out why these are called "love bars" when you try them. Super moist and delicious, they are easy to make and yummy!†The granola and walnuts give them an added satisfying crunch. Bring them…


Cinnamon Orange Nutty Granola

There is nothing like homemade granola, and it is super simple to make. Cinnamon, nutmeg and orange zest adds wonderful flavor. We use various nuts but you don't need to use them all - just pick your …


3 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Aren’t Necessarily Healthy

Foods we often think of as healthy can contain ingredients that turn them into unhealthy foods. "Natural" and "healthy" tag lines on the packaging can fool us into making poor choices. "The best wa…


9 Healthy, High-Calorie Foods

By DivineCaroline Just because a food is healthy doesnít mean itís not fattening. In fact, some of the most nutritious foods come with serious calorie countsówith good reason. Considering calorie…


Healthy Cooking with Kids: 2 Recipes (Videos)

From Jamie Oliver to Michelle Obama, everyone says that cooking with kids is a great way to instill in them a love of healthy food that will last them a lifetime. It is also a great way to involve…


Sexy Zinc-Filled Granola

By Rachel Venokur-Clark, Green Options Zinc is an essential mineral that carries out numerous functions in your body, including promoting a healthy immune system, protecting the liver from damage a…


10 Vegan Breakfast Ideas

By Marygrace Stergakos, Eat. Drink. Better. Vegetarian breakfasts are easy: Greek yogurt sprinkled with granola, scrambled eggs, pancakes, French toast...the list goes on forever. While I woul…


Gifts from the Kitchen: Homemade Granola

I never really considered myself the type to make food gifts, until I started a mental inventory of the kind of gifts I have given as an adult. Let's see, there was the year of the red and green star-…


Stovetop Baked Apples Recipe

This makes a fabulous quick-and-easy dessert: it takes so much less time than the oven-baked version, but the results are just as healthful and delicious. They may be served warm or cold, and you can …


Pineapple-Orange Ambrosia Recipe

This medley will perk up your taste buds during winterís long fruit drought. INGREDIENTS One 20-ounce can unsweetened pineapple chunks, well drained 4 clementines or other small seedless oranges,…


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