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13 Things You May Not Be Allowed to Do in Your Backyard

A man's -- or woman's -- home is their castle, correct? Well … sometimes. Although you might think you have the right to do whatever you want in the privacy of your backyard, your local government m…


Gray Water Systems: Good Idea or Bad Mistake?

By Carl Seville, Networx Most of us realize that water is a scarce resource and are looking for ways to use less of it in our homes. We need water to drink, for cooking, cleaning, flushing toilet…


Save Water and Time in Your Yard

Annie was so inspired by this good synopsis of water-saving techniques that she is planning to try two this summer: To shrink her lawn and to start collecting rain in a rain barrel. She loves the ide…


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My township has days to turn in both rechargeable and regular batteries. Either kind has inherent r…

What do you want? Peace? Compassion? Health/healing?, etc. I could turn that last "W" into a man…

Well for me I was born at the end of winter and am only truly happiest when it is cold - love it whe…