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Can A Carbon-Neutral Home Exist in Poor Weather Conditions?

In many write-ups of eco-friendly homes, particularly those built with carbon-neutral plans in mind, you'll read about how the setting was carefully chosen. Setting tends to matter when you're tr…


Can Homes Be Cheap, Green AND Attractive?

If you've spent any time on the freeways and highways of this country, you've probably seen a prefabricated home lumbering down the road with an "Oversized Load" sign. They're instantly recognizable…


Using Concrete the Green Way

Visitors to Italy often take time to visit ancient Roman sites, and marvel at the fact that these structures continue to remain standing today. The extant infrastructure of the Romans is really quit…


Rotating House’s “Spin” on Eco Living

An engineer in the Czech Republic has built himself a house that can rotate to face any direction he chooses. It can also submerge into the hillside to make use of the earth's naturally cooler tempera…


Breaking Down the Savings of Green Building Construction

James T. Caldwell, chair of the Green Building Task Force, breaks down the savings of green building construction. Photo Credit: sudama via Flickr. Video News by NewsLook   // …


Working Outdoors from Inside Your Office

German scientists are bringing a view of the sky indoors with a state of the art lighting system they hope will generate a pleasant environment for desk-bound office workers. The researchers want to p…


Printable Houses Could Redefine Housing

Danish architects, in collaboration with Facit Homes in London, are building a digitally-fabricated house printed from a computer file - a new concept they say minimizes waste and simplifies the build…


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