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What Does ‘Eco-Friendly’ Really Mean? (Infographic)

"All natural" this, "biodegradable" that... labels can be overwhelming. Especially when companies give us reasons to believe they're not always honest. The infographic below sums up what exactly it me…


Are Green Funeral Homes Guilty Of Greenwashing?

Green funerals have become popular amongst those who want to ensure that their passing will have minimal negative impact on the planet. But because the industry is new, some companies have taken advan…


Chevron Greenwashing Again?

Last night I opened up a New York Times article and my gaze spilled over a slick banner ad in the right margin reading: "IT'S TIME OIL COMPANIES GET BEHIND THE DEVELOPMENT OF RENEWABLE ENERGY." …


95% Of Eco-Products Commit Greenwashing Sins

A report recently released by TerraChoice found that over 95 percent of "green" home and family products on the market today employ misleading labeling and advertising tactics. The study also foun…


What’s In A Word? Green vs. Sustainable

Do words matter? If you answered yes, then what do these terms mean? What does green mean? What does sustainable mean? Well, your guess is as good as mine. No, really…we are all exposed to so many gre…


Y is for Your Enemy is Greenwashing

With all your good green intentions, you'll find that greenwashing runs rampant. Learn how to recognize what's green and what is hype. What other "Y"-things can you do to protect the earth? Get …


Choices, Choices, Choices: How Sustainable Are Yours?

"The 800 lb. gorilla behind virtually all of the 'sustainability challenges' is you and me, the consumer. The problem is not that we are bad, but that we have been blind to the impacts of our everyd…


6 Tips For Cutting Through Greenwashing

Plenty of products are trotting out their green credentials, but how can consumers and the people who build and decorate homes for us - architects, builders and interior designers, tell what's transpa…


Don’t Get Greenwashed

Greenwashing: A particularly evil practice used by companies to fool you into thinking you are buying an environmentally-friendly product or service. Here are three ways to out-smart cunning compa…


Greenwashed by Simple Green? Ask Annie

Dear Annie, I've been using Simple Green for years thinking that it is an eco-friendly product, but a friend told me recently that they thought it was not green. What is your opinion? --Sally, KY …


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