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Supermarket Uses Expired Food As Its New Power Source

Food in a British supermarket too rotten to be sold is still being digestedóby a plant that turns it into electricity to power the store. The Sainsbury's store says it's the first retail outlet in the…


7 Biggest Grocery Store Mistakes

Food prices are on the rise, and grocers' profit margins are slim. So it's no surprise that they'll do anything they can to get you to fork over your hard-earned cash. Overspending, wasting food, and …


The Best City for Vegans?

Over the last couple of years a huge surge of new vegan restaurants, apparel stores and even a completely vegan grocery store have opened in Berlin, Germany's capital. Berlin now hosts the world's…


The Best Packaged Vegetarian Lunches from the Grocery Store

The grocery store is not an easy place to navigate for a vegetarian. There are entire departments of food to work around and food labels often present even more conundrums. No matter what your diet lo…


Grocery Store Unveils “Man Aisle”

  What do men eat? What do men buy at the grocery store? New York City's Westside Market thinks it has an answer to these questions with its recently unveiled "man aisle." So what's on the …


The Importance of Real Food

A few days ago, I had lunch with a friend of mine at Good Earth, an organic grocery story in Fairfax, California. It has an amazing prepared foods section that is more like a cafe†than a supermarket d…


Find Out ‘HowGood’ (& Green) Your Groceries Are

Standing in front of the milk case at your grocery store may seem like the easiest thing you do all week. Open the door, grab a gallon, walk. Within that seemingly simple and effortless choice to grab…


How Do Grocery Stores Define “Local”?

By Margaret Badore for Last fall Wal-Mart announced their plans to increase the amount of local produce sold in their stores across the United States. The decision was arguabl…


How Healthy People Shop

By Alyssa Ford, Experience Life Turn on the local news, page through a magazine or scan a website, and youíre bound to be inundated with nutritional advice. The problem is that much of this a…


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Daily Cute: Turtle Chase

Daily Cute: Turtle Chase

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