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The Single Best Way to Prevent Illness

Each new flu season we seem to be bombarded with an endless crop of suggestions on ways to keep the bugs at bay: vitamins, herbs, sanitizers, vaccines--you name it. But the most effective way to preve…


Cook with Garlic to Fight the Flu

It's flu season again. Every year those nasty little viruses take hold of our bodies (probably to get a bit of warmth) and rule just about everything we say, do, feel, or think--at least for a few da…


Swine Flu Confirmed in Cat!

Avoiding H1N1: wash your hands; don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth; stay home if you're sick. But what if you happen to be a cat? Since few cats enjoy a 20-second paw wash...the advice? Stay away fr…


The Care2 Swine Flu Project

CAUSES and HEALTHY & GREEN LIVING present the Care2 Swine Flu Project, a collaboration between Care2 Causes and Healthy & Green Living. Here you'll find links to a wide variety of perspective…


Another View of the Flu

The fear of the swine flu epidemic is gradually being replaced by the reality of it landing at home. I am not proud to admit that my children were the first to be diagnosed at their school in the fir…


Swine Flu Vaccine: What To Do?

Summer is over and the question I am being asked most frequently in my practice is, "what do I do about Swine flu?" My patients are wondering whether or not they should get vaccinated and the simple a…


Swine Flu Parties

Wasn't it nice this summer not to have to hear about swine flu every day? Well no sooner did the thermometer drop below scorching and lo and behold, swine flu is making the headlines again. According …


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I used to can all kinds of things starting in Sept. but with the high cost of electricity and the po…

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