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What Happens After We Die?

Instead of being unknowable, perhaps the afterlife is something we havenít looked at hard enough. And if so, why not? For one thing, the mind is addicted to repetition. We pursue the same desires…


Donít Kick The Habit

I know you just made resolutions, but donít try to stop smoking. Donít give up booze. Donít throw out your pot. Donít ditch the donuts. While youíre at it, donít join the gym. Donít try to meditate…


How Often Should You ‘Go’?

My father liked to quote an old Hindi saying: One who goes once is a Yogi. One who goes twice is a Bhogi (lover of worldly comforts) One who goes thrice is a Rogi (someone who is unwell) Hav…


Conscious Self-Creation

Congratulations. You're a month along in this exciting journey. You set out to do something new, like learning archery or volunteering at a soup kitchen or enjoying life more, and something bigger hap…


Focus on How Far You’ve Come

Take a tip from high-performance athletes. Look at how far you've come, not how much you have left to do. Scientists call this the horizon effect. It creates encouragement--"I've done twice as much as…


This is Your Life Calling

A carpenter decided to change careers. He had two children and his wife was expecting twins. They needed a larger house, and he needed a job that made more money. He went to his boss to explain. The b…


Release Old Burdens for Spring

The Earth renews herself in spring and so can we. If you have a habit you want to release (like smoking, compulsive eating, or chronic complaining, for example), or if old emotions are weighing on you…

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the mind and the body do affect each other and negative self-talk can be toxic and reason for a rela…

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The title is wrong, "electrocuted" means the person is dead

What's better to do on the internet than to watch funny cat videos, interact with like minded people…