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Savoring the Privilege of Walking

Do you recognize disability when you see it? Last week’s post about an able-bodied woman using a handicapped parking space, then suing over the ticket she received, resulted in spirited conversatio…


Is This Able-Bodied Woman Entitled to Handicapped Parking?

Janice Eberle, feeling put-upon over a $300 fine for parking in a handicapped parking space, is suing the town that issued the ticket. It’s not that she wasn’t parked in a handicapped parking s…


10 Tips for Managing Daily Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference in quality of life and maintaining independence. If you have relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis, as I do, it's easy to overlook s…


Handicapped Parking: A Guilt-Free Zone

One of the most universally recognized symbols is that of the handicapped parking space. We all recognize the blue wheelchair and what it means... but not all handicapped people use wheelchairs. Th…


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What a great video!!! :) So happy these 2 could be reunited!!! :D

In many ways, adult bullying is worse than bullying at other ages, because as an adult, psychologica…

So when someone offers you hate, you try to turn that into a real request for love and understanding…

Um, no. A "study" with 5,000 participants world wide who are wearing wristwatches that measure when…