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Dog Lovers Delight (video)

This video will really get to you and put a smile on your face. Itís made up of lots of carefully-selected video clips showing big dogs and small doing just about everything. Big and little, puppies …


Understand Your Catís Body Language (video)

Your cat canít tell you in words how it is feeling, but it can communicate with its body language. This video shows you that when your cat is happy it will have relaxed muscles, its tail will be dr…


Secrets to Happiness

By Peter Van Dijk, Ode Magazine French psychiatrist Christophe Andre, who has written some 15 books, including Vivre Heureux ("How to lead a happy life") and L'Art du Bonheur ("The art of happi…


Smiling Dogs

Most people who have interacted with animals can see that we share many traits with them--for example, emotions. Even if there are skeptics, pet owners and animal lovers know that animals, like us, …


Want to Feel Happy? Try This

When we read this quick tip for feeling happier, it made us smile. We tried it--and it really works. It is such a simple mind-tweak, but it is so effective. See for yourself! If I am unhappy, I can…


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Cat Home Videos (Video)

Cat Home Videos (Video)

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All so sweet so touching!!! A wonder if they can do it!, then why can't we all just get along!?

We need to stop using animals for food or otherwise. Humans are greedy. This torture is unnecessary …

Thank goodness these two darlings were reunited again, otherwise I don't think the outcome would hav…

That´s all nonsense, most of the shelter pets have been dumped on the streets, some lost their…