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How Yoga Makes You Happy

When I first started practicing yoga, I was still digging my way out of a deep cavern of grief. Something about this unusual method of twists, turns, and upside-downs kept calling me back. I didn’…


Must-see: A Review of the Movie “Happy”

“The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” – Benjamin Franklin This is the intro line from the movie, Happy. Happiness and how to achieve …


Do Working Moms Raise Healthier Kids?

If you’re a working mother like me, you may have noticed a few raised eyebrows from time to time. I was only five weeks postpartum when I had to go back to my work as an OB/GYN physician, and you’d ha…


What Your Dog’s Tail is Telling You

Probably the most obvious, and most misunderstood, form of tail language is the wag. Even people who have spent their entire lives around dogs assume that full-throttle wags mean a dog is saying…


The Art of Living in Balance

People often ask me how I do it, how I do it “all.” By day, I’m CEO of a media company. I’m on more boards than I can recite in one breath. I have three girls between the ages of 28 (just married)…


Dog Lovers Delight (video)

This video will really get to you and put a smile on your face. It’s made up of lots of carefully-selected video clips showing big dogs and small doing just about everything. Big and little, puppies …


Understand Your Cat’s Body Language (video)

Your cat can’t tell you in words how it is feeling, but it can communicate with its body language. This video shows you that when your cat is happy it will have relaxed muscles, its tail will be dr…


Secrets to Happiness

By Peter Van Dijk, Ode Magazine French psychiatrist Christophe Andre, who has written some 15 books, including Vivre Heureux ("How to lead a happy life") and L'Art du Bonheur ("The art of happi…


Smiling Dogs

Most people who have interacted with animals can see that we share many traits with them--for example, emotions. Even if there are skeptics, pet owners and animal lovers know that animals, like us, …


Want to Feel Happy? Try This

When we read this quick tip for feeling happier, it made us smile. We tried it--and it really works. It is such a simple mind-tweak, but it is so effective. See for yourself! If I am unhappy, I can…


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chuckle chuckle, he is just adorable! could watch for ages but must get on!

I shouldn't bother since so many are just 'believers' that posted here but there are many misconcept…