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Distinguishing Mind from Heart

"People have, for centuries, talked about and told others to 'follow your heart.' That's because they instinctively know that their heart's intuition yields the highest outcome often at the expense …


Start Your Day With Heart

In many cultures around the world, people start each morning thinking about what they'll do that day. They check their schedules, plan their activities and make their lists. Understandably, they're fo…


How to Enrich Your Life

  One of the most wonderful aspects of living from the heart is how it enhances the positive-feeling textures of life. When my heart is open, food tastes better, the roses in my garden look more…


Tips for Heart-Centered Living

Our great planetary shift continues. We sense it internally and perceive that time is accelerating. Emotions peak and ebb constantly amid a bombardment of choices. Uncertainty is growing about our …


Heart-Based Living

Each day, I try to live by the principles of Heart-Based Living. Here is a saying that I have on my bulletin board in my office that helps me remember what is important to me in life and how I wou…


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I have been 4 times to Costa Rica, I have also made a visit To Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. I wou…

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I knew much of this before, but the whiskers on the feet is new to me. Thank you.