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10 Weird Facts About Hibernating Animals

Everyone knows bears and hedgehogs hibernate, but did you know that snakes, snails, frogs, turtles, bats, bees and a menagerie of other animals also find that hunkering down through the winter is a lo…


What Actually Happens When Animals Hibernate?

Ever feel like lying in bed and sleeping for days? Unlucky for us, humans can't exactly hibernate. But some animals are capable of sleeping for months -- without eating, drinking or expelling body was…


Orphaned Bear Cubs Leave Den at Detroit Zoo

Three orphaned grizzly bear cubs that came to the Detroit Zoo from Alaska in December have made their zoo debut. Mike, Thor and Boo were orphaned after their mother was shot and killed by a poacher. …


How To Be Alone

By Melanie Bates Im about to get real folks. Really real. I like to be alone. Im not simply saying, I like my alone time. Nothing puny like that. Im saying, I utterly love being alone. I …


7 Hibernating Animals in Danger

Just like disturbances wake you up, they wake up the animal kingdom -- often with dire results. Hibernation, simply, is a state of inactivity in animals. It is typically characterized by a drop i…


Can Bears Help Space Travel?

Scientists are studying black bears and their ability to change their metabolism greatly during hibernation. Not only does their body temperature drop, but their metabolism decreases by about 75 perce…


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