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Is Test Tube Meat in Our Near Futures?

Whether you are a carnivore or not, we all can agree that the bulk of our meat production industry is unsustainable, inhumane and unhealthy. Factory farms are bad for the environment, the animals, and…


Join The Fight To End Inhumane Factory Egg Farming

Shopping for eggs is hard. All most of us want is a fresh, tasty egg to fry up for breakfast or mix into cake batter. Pass by the egg section in any grocery store today, however, and you're greeted wi…


Historic Agreement for More Humane Egg Production

By Jennifer Mishler, ecorazzi Animal lovers, rejoice! An agreement has been made between United Egg Producers (UEP) and several organizations to improve the treatment of egg-laying hens in the f…


What is Factory Farming?

It's National Farm Animals Awareness Week. I wanted to write a sweet post about going to a happy family farm and showing some farm animals a little love, but every time I write the words "farm animals…


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This is truly sad. Stories like that make me favor locally-produced fruits and vegetables, which. I …

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I love colorful salads. This one doesn't appeal to me, but I eat so many fresh vegetables that I'm n…

Merideth G. Merideth G.
on Confetti Salad
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Thank Diana. Love everything on this list good stuff and great information.

I remember seders where we used raw horseradish root cut into small pieces, either sticks or slice…