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The Centenarian Who Inspired a Protest of The Government Shutdown

Even a partial government shutdown couldn't stop Antoinette Betourne from celebrating her 100th birthday with a meal of a ham biscuit, Brunswick stew and a piece of carrot cake from the aptly-named Ca…


5 Reasons Why Elderly Flash Mobs Rock

In honor of the upcoming anniversary of the first “official” flash mob—which is said to have taken place in a Macy’s department store in Manhattan on June 3, 2003—we’d like to take a moment to discuss…


6 Animals Who Know How to Enjoy Life

The break-neck speed of the modern world makes the idea of “life balance” an almost laughable concept. Between work responsibilities, family duties, and social obligations, there’s little time left…


Do Animals Remember Us?

There are dogs and cats, and then there are Sam Phinneys. You animal lovers know what I mean. When you look into their eyes, something special looks back at you. Yes, all animals are special, and I be…


A Not-So-Crazy Cat Lady

The Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center recently lost a dear friend. Kristine McComis, a valued employee for 17 years, passed away at age 42. Kristine was the epitome of health and happiness  --  so …


Animal-Speak: Remembering Ted Andrews

"Hurry up! Look outside!" shouted my husband. There in our backyard stood a large buck. He was as tall as a pony, with bright white spots and tail. His antlers were magnificent. (The numerologist in m…


Healing Lessons from Veterinary Neurology

What was I thinking? I can't tell you how many times those words have come to me over the years as I have pondered my neurology practice. Neurology can be one of the most frustrating disciplines in ve…


Wild About Wilder

With love and all due respect to the homo sapiens in my life, I must acknowledge that Gene Wilder is my best, favorite and just a-smidgeon-short-of-being-perfect, boyfriend. Self-sufficient, extrem…


Kitty Play Dates

Is it just me, or do any of you hate the term "play date"? Whatever happened to Johnny going over to Timmy's to hang out? Or how about a kid showing up at your front door asking if Sarah can come out …


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