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Top 5 Celebrity Eco-Cars of All Time

The realities of global warming have changed minds about what cars are cool to drive. Big fuel-thirsty carbon-spewing vehicles are out. Electrics, hybrids and biofuel cars are in. In fact, some of …


4 Green Cars You Canít Ignore

All facial tissue is called Kleenex. Adhesive bandages, regardless of who makes them, are known as Band-Aids. And all photocopies are Xerox. You can choose other brands if you like, but these are th…


8 Ways to Green Your Ride

My minivan is on its last legs. What I wouldn't give to be able to buy a new or used hybrid. The thought of reducing my gas costs and my carbon footprint is a win/win if I've ever seen one. "…


Want a Low Carbon Footprint HumanCar? (video)

Tired of supporting the big oil companies? Canít wait for an all-electric car? Maybe this is your answer: a 4 hp (humanpower) vehicle to do your grocery shopping. Itís called the HumanCar. The inve…


Hypermiling Myself to Divorce Court

Know what's super-fun? Scrutinizing your husband's every move while he's driving--from the way he accelerates to his stops and turns--and everything in between. Your husband will love it too, trust me…

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My car...??? -You wish!

How horrible!

I really became concerned with the push to vaccinate with the H1N1Pandemic. In the end 17,00 died an…

Sounds like a great plan after some more research :) Interesting article, thank you!