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Hybrid Car Parade Sets Guinness World Record

Hybrid cars, which utilize both electric batteries as well as traditional combustion engines, aren't normally known for setting least not where speed or towing power are concerned. But th…


Do Rising Gas Prices Equal Greener Driving?

Way too much to cover in one hour during this Earth Day celebration week! Of course, we like to think that every day is Earth Day, but thanks to the mainstream commercialization of this emerging holid…


Clearing the Air About Hybrid Cars

As hybrid vehicles become more mainstream, we are learning more about them all the time. But some myths persist. Here are the three most commonly asked questions about hybrids: Do you have to plug in…


Driver’s Ed on Hybrid Cars

The fact that hybrid electric vehicles are becoming wildly popular with consumers, and that the auto manufacturers are having trouble keeping up with demand is good news all around, because gas-electr…


Hybrids–Everything You Need to Know

Everybody’s talking about them, many people are buying them, most of us know they’re good for the environment. If you want the real 411 on hybrids, check out this great webpage, with easy-to-understan…


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I limit my bread input, because it is both fattening and tempting/addicting. With the exception of …