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How Returning a Rescue Dog Made Me Re-Think Who I Am

I was blown away by the incredible, inspiring, and compassionate responses after writing a post about returning our dog, Rocky Blue, to his rescue group. After six months and with a baby on the way, w…


Redefine Yourself Today

The best way to prepare yourself to encounter spirit is to learn to be willing to redefine yourself every day. Write down the most basic labels that apply to you: Name, age, gender, education level…


Die to the Old Every Day

If being born again is a process, you can contribute to it every day. In fact, this is the only viable way to creatively shape the spiritual path so that it belongs to you personally. Right now, y…


An Expanded Sense of Self

Any new identity that you find on your lifeís journey is going to morph into another identity as you continue along. All these identities can be healthy, yet itís undeniable that to grow from one ide…


Guidance and Support for Caregivers – Book Giveaway!

We are giving away a copy of Leaning Into Sharp Points: Practical Guidance and Nurturing Support for Caregivers by Stan Goldberg. Check out this excerpt from the book, and then leave a comment for a c…


Who Am I, Really?

To experience this lesson you need to forget your name for a while. Let's say that "Who am I?" is a real question now. Escaping name and form means finding out who you really are. Most of the time we …


What the Study of Twins Says About Identity

There are few things more compelling to watch than two identical twins sharing a meal. I had this good fortune a few years back at a restaurant in New York City and, while these identical twins were n…


What is a Body?

Every day you have isolated feelings that are like single cells; put them all together and you have your emotional body. Your emotional body is, first of all, a living history of all the things you l…


Does Being Authentic Mean Being Consistent?

By Joy Mazzola Recently, I hit a point with a coaching client where I realized he needed more than I could give him. Up until that point, I had been listening, holding space, supporting, encour…


Our True Identity

Many identities are simply false. Identity is subtle because it takes no thought. By osmosis you absorb one influence after another, until the voices in your head, the opinions you automatically sp…


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