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50 Little Changes to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

While moving into an apartment built from a shipping container or building a tiny house may not be an option for everyone, there are several simple ways to make your home more eco friendly that don't …


Are These Diet and Exercise Trends Fact or Fad? (Infographic)

Health trends come in and out of style just like clothing choices. However, unlike with fashion, diet and exercise habits have a far reaching impact on your health and wellbeing. Rather than blindly f…


Tips for Dog Friendly Hiking (Infographic)

Dogs are undoubtedly great companions for a variety of activities. The playful and energetic pets are not only a great sight to see when coming home from a day at work, but they are also perfect weeke…


Are You Using More Than 100 Gallons of Water a Day? (Infographic)

When easy access to clean water is seemingly unlimited in developed countries like the United States, it is easy to forget that one five minute shower uses as much water as someone living in a water p…


Ten Days to Better Productivity (Infographic)

In the fast moving pace of today’s world, a common desire is to feel more productive. We can spend more time doing the things we love if we get our daily tasks and work done more quickly. However, fin…


Shining a Light on Light Pollution (Infographic)

Have you ever drifted off with the lights on? It turns out this could be doing more damage to your mental and physical health than you might think. Light pollution is the name for the artificial li…


Your Air Conditioning Could Be Costing You (Infographic)

When the temperatures crawl towards the triple digits in the middle of summer, air conditioning is a temptation that many find hard to avoid. There are several ecofriendly alternatives to cooling down…


Why Hawaii’s Ban on Plastic Bags is a Big Deal (Infographic)

Plastic is notorious for being one of the worst substances for both our bodies and the environment. Many retail stores still use plastic bags to package everything from groceries to clothing, but the …


Easy Organic Compost (Infographic)

Composting does a garden good---and organic, DIY is even better! Whether you live in the city, in the suburbs, or in the country---even a cold climate---composting can be easy. No matter the siz…


10+ Surprising Reasons To De-Clutter Your House

Got clutter? I know I sure do. Despite consciously avoiding the acquisition of new material possessions (books don't count--they're precious), I look around my small, two-bedroom apartment and am amaz…


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