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Are You Going Out of Your Mind?

Often one of the most insulting things someone can say to us is, "Are you out of your mind?" But what if it is actually the coolest thing we could say? What if being out of your mind meant you are not…


What is Your Nature: Are You a Frog, a Scorpion or a Monk?

We had been traveling around the world and came back to visit with Ed's family. We told them a scary story of when we were on a train in India. It was very crowded and Ed had to put his arm around Deb…


5 Ways to Chill Out Before Losing Your Cool

Have you ever lost it and just wanted to scream? We did when we spent time in India, amidst the crowds and hustle, with little sleep and constantly on the go. There were definitely times when we wou…


Frustrated and Irritable? Getting Real About Stress

Does your mother-in-law make you want to bite your nails? Does your work make you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope? What do you do when you just want to scream and stop the world? Stress is a de…


How Do You Deal With Burnt Toast?

We were just with Deb's mother, Anne, in England. On the third day we were invited for tea at the House of Lord's (more on that below) and were preparing to catch a train to London. In a bit of a rush…


How To Make Friends With Your Anger

Few of us want to admit that we get bitchy, shout, or lose our temperówe much prefer to see ourselves as being wonderfully tolerant and serene. But anger is something that we all experience at dif…


The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Stress

Shocking as it may seem, there are probably very few people who have never experienced stress. Stress can happen in a minute or it may build over time. It can spur creativity but is more likely to lea…


Bishop Tutu: Itís Time To Make Compassion Fashionable

We have a newspaper photograph of Bishop Tutu with his hands held in prayer position. Underneath it are his words, Please make it fashionable to be compassionate. That photograph is many years old…


Learn To Sleep The Way a Yogi Does!

The Yogis not only stand on their heads but they also know the secrets to good sleep. As a result, there is much we can learn from them in this mad, mad world full of fast food, internet addiction…


Why Your Attitude Is So Important (Video)

We all hear about amazing people who have overcome great obstacles in their lives. No one ever said life was going to be easy, yet how challenging it turns out often can be transformed by our own …


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