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Garage Insulation: The Surprising Energy Saver

At an average size of 400 square feet, garages are an important part of our properties. Not only do they shelter our vehicles from extremes of weather and would-be thieves, they also usually multi-tas…


How Green is Fiberglass Insulation?

By Steve Graham, Networx Buying insulation is a lesson in the complexity of measuring sustainability. Insulation is designed to conserve energy, so all insulation companies can claim to be gree…


Living With Green Music

Green-leaning musicians have been on the forefront of the environmental movement since its inception. From staging benefit concerts, to converting tour buses to biodiesel fuel, to creating solar recor…


Your Walls and Roof Can Be Living Green (3 videos)

Weíve shown you farms and vegetables gardens on the flat roofs of commercial buildings. Perhaps youíve thought ďif I ever build a new house Iíll look into it.Ē You donít have to wait that long.…


Eco-Friendly Tips to Insulate Your Home

It is hot out there! We know that insulation helps us run that air conditioner a bit less, but what you might not know is that there are lots of different insulation options, and certain types ar…


Simple Energy-Efficient Tips That Save Money

As the beach chairs get tucked away in the garage and the lawnmower is about to go into hibernation, we start to think (again) about preparing our homes for the cooler months. Taking energy saving st…


How to Recycle Blue Jeans

Got a pile of old, ripped jeans in need of recycling? You might have heard about home insulation made from denim, but donít know how to donate. Well Bonded Logic makes insulation out of old denim,…


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