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The Wisdom of the World: The Dikes of The Netherlands

I have spent the last month traveling through Europe on my first tour of the continent. The journey has been a wonderful experience of the contrasts of duality: different cultures, different languages…


Aiming for Goals or Living in the Present?

I have often come across professionals who are in a dilemma about living in the present moment and at the same time, focusing on achieving their goals. I see no such dilemma. Excellence in any area…


How to Surrender to Sleep

During the years I have spent giving seminars on inner growth, I have encountered many people with insomnia. People who have not been able to sleep for decades, people at their wits end. Insomn…


Can You Hear the Waves?

When I lived in Melbourne, Australia, I used to walk my dog along the seafront. Eternally busy and overachieving, I hurried along with her leash wrapped around my arm, my cell phone wedged between my …


In the Face of Catastrophe, A Shared Embrace

The last weekend of Chile's summer vacations has become a time of mourning for some and gratitude for others. Spending time with the Chileans who are stranded in my center here in Uruguay, I have…


Your True Voice

There are two voices within all of us. The voice of consciousness, which comes from truth, and the voice of the intellect, which is based in fear, duality and protection. But which one do you pay atte…


The Ideal Ideology?

There are so many ideologies in the world. Some of them are beautiful and some are destructive. Some are creative and others are repressive. Some I would like to apply, and others donít serve, but the…


Are You Attached To Your Image?

As adults, we have so much fear of losing approval. We pretend all the time in order to be accepted by others, creating a false image that we present to the world, hiding our true feelings behind a ri…


What Are You Focusing On?

We really have no idea how powerful we are. We tend to see ourselves as tiny individuals in an enormous world, doing our best to sway the tides that come between us and our fulfillment. But there is a…


The Illusion Of Need

The idea that we need something that we don't have right now is the root of discontent. We are never completely satisfied with this moment. Even when we get everything we thought we always wanted, it …


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People need to take responsibility for their own decisions, and not blame their choices on what peop…

The GMO quality is poison.

Very clever beautiful puppy! *_*

Best and afaik healthiest coffee whitener is almond milk! Give it a try and I bet you will never tak…