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Reaching Heaven

If you were able to meet Jesus today as he was in real life, there would be a gap between your level of awareness and his--we know that this is true when we encounter spiritually inspired people who a…


The Third Jesus

No matter where you look, a cloud of confusion hangs over the message of Jesus. To cut through it we have to be specific about who we mean when we refer to Jesus. One Jesus is historical, and we know …


Glimpses of Higher Awareness

Jesus was more than wise. He received direct knowledge from God, his source of secret wisdom. To this day, most Christians consider this connection unique. Only God's son could have been gifted wit…


Renew Yourself, Die to the Old

Jesus spoke about death as a prelude to resurrection, and he also spoke about the need to be born again. The connection between the two was summed up by Paul as "dying unto death." Christian doctri…


You Are the Light of the World

The universe thinks and acts through you. You are not the result of physical forces that have driven all of creation, with human intelligence being a late-stage byproduct. Rather, a universal intellig…


Is Winning Next to Godliness?

For one stage on the journey to find God, the Almighty approves of accomplishment. The Protestant work ethic sealed his approval into dogma. Those who work the hardest will get the greatest reward. Bu…


Devotion to God

Because he is absolute, Jesus doesn’t offer a path of devotion that consists of daily prayer and piety to God. He wants total, unswerving devotion: You shall love the Lord your God with all your mind…


Who Is the “Real” Jesus?

The search for “the real Jesus” is as obsessive today as it has ever been. Our skepticism demands proof that a wandering rabbi actually preached in northern Galilee two thousand years ago. In the …


Let’s Give Casey Anthony a Break

Clearly, the girl's got problems. Her daughter disappears and she fails to report it. She probably made a mongo mistake even becoming a mother in the first place.  She’d be well served to reform her p…


Fasting For Spiritual Clarity

"When you fast the light will illuminate you." Mahatma Gandhi In 1985 I was living near the ocean and reading The Essene Gospels of Peace, an ancient manuscript discovered by Edmond Bordeaux Sz…


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