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Kindness Revolution Day 21: Donate to Your Favorite Charity

Every month I see the advertisement for a charitable organization called Smile Train in one of the magazines I read.  The organization provides surgery to children who have been born with birth defect…


Kindness Revolution Day 20: Win More Free Books!

It's Saturday!  Not only is it great that the weekend is here, I'm giving away free copies of some of my books to a different lucky participant in the Kindness Revolution every Saturday in June.  So, …


Kindness Revolution Day 19: Be Thankful for Dad

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!  It seems a natural fit for me to focus on my dad this weekend.  He's a kindhearted, hard-working, and gentle man who has always put family first.  I can…


Kindness Revolution Day 18: Giving to Children

When my husband Curtis and I bought our home we inherited a portable basketball hoop.  You know the kind that stand alone on a base and can be set up anywhere?  Neither of us is much into basketball. …


Kindness Revolution Day 17: Clearing the Gulf Oil Spill

Today's gift is a meditation for clearing the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  This may seem outlandish to some people, but as Dr. Joe Vitale, one of the participants in The Secret video, indicates: …


Kindness Revolution Day 16: Donate to the Food Bank

It's amazing how many opportunities to give, even in small ways, have shown up since I decided to give 29 gifts in 29 days.  I just received a community flyer about a food drive to support the local s…


Kindness Revolution Day 15: Barbecue for the Roofers

My husband Curtis and I bought a new home last fall.  Well, it's not exactly new--just new to us.  While it has gorgeous views of the Coast Mountains and Pacific Ocean, the house was entirely stuck in…


Kindness Revolution Day 14: Chinese Secret to Reduce a Fever

I received a call from my mom today, her voice filled with panic. She was worried about the high fever my dad was experiencing.  And, she felt lousy too. My dad rarely ever gets sick but when he does …


Kindness Revolution Day 13: Win Free Books!

I'm amazed at the beautiful and thoughtful comments that are made by readers of my Care2 posts.  Oh sure, there are a few cranks out there too, but most of the comments are obviously made by genuinely…


Kindness Revolution Day 12: Sharing 29 Gifts

A close friend of mine and fellow natural health practitioner, Dr. Carri Drzyzga, decided to go back to school to finish her naturopathic degree in Chicago.  Already a chiropractor, she wanted to deli…


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