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Die to the Old Every Day

If being born again is a process, you can contribute to it every day. In fact, this is the only viable way to creatively shape the spiritual path so that it belongs to you personally. Right now, y…


3 Reasons Our Food Should Be Labeled

As I have written here several times, there are many reasons that we should all know what is in our food and support a sustainable food system. These include the seemingly endless stories of food reca…


Renew Yourself, Die to the Old

Jesus spoke about death as a prelude to resurrection, and he also spoke about the need to be born again. The connection between the two was summed up by Paul as "dying unto death." Christian doctri…


Organizing Solutions: Bulk Labels!

Buying in bulk is definitely the way to go. It saves so much energy and product and packaging, it's hard not to appreciate. Sometimes though it can be difficult to tell the spelt flour from the whole…


When The Fish We Order is Not the Fish We Get

A few years back, when conscientious consumers were more concerned with the origins of their feedlot burgers than the pedigree of the fish on their plate, a few intrepid investigators uncovered a very…


Confused By Food Labels? Read the Fine Print!

Even though nutrition info is slapped on all packaged foods and many restaurant items, people are heavier than ever. Use this advice to improve your label literacy. By Amy Paturel, M.P.H., Wom…


70 – 100% Organic

Did you know that there are food items that display the USDA organic seal that are not 100 percent organic?  There is a range of "organic-ness" that is approved by the National Organic Program. Read t…


Is Organic Really Organic?

Plenty of consumers are already "voting with their forks" in favor of a new sustainable food system by buying organic and local whole foods in record numbers. And this newly honed interest in how fo…


Trans Fat Trickery

How can some food labels proclaim "0 grams trans fat" on the package and still list hydrogenated oils in the ingredients? This is a great question, and one that confuses many people. If a food lists "…


Deciphering Beauty Product Labels

Unlike the world of organic foods, the cosmetics industry is not yet regulated by a set of federal standards under which products are certified. The industry itself has created a task force to develop…


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