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Pay As You Throw

Dear Annie, I am a ho-hum recycler and need some inspiration. Ideas? --Kate, MI Dear Kate, How is saving green by being green for inspiration? Many municipalities, both large and small, are ini…


Plastic Bags: They Just Don’t Make Sense

I've been trying to start this piece for 30 minutes now and I can't really think of a clever way to do it, so I'm just gonna go with the truth. Simply put, plastic bags blow (pun intended). OK, …


Connecting the Dots: The North Pacific Gyre

If you are like me and drive a car, you've invariably put a quarter into a parking meter at some point in your life. And if you're really like me, you've driven around trying to find a free place to p…


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All beautiful, but my two favorites are Frank and Grumpy Cat.

Cont: 5: Character - Character? Sorry, but if you can convince someone to follow you from such fl…

I have been making my cats' food since 1985 and they were vegan for a time using Harbingers of a New…

Absolutely lovely :) So wonderful when beings, of any kind, connect. BUT... I do agree with Lauren…

Thanks for the advice