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Power of Pole Dancing

By Lauren Nagel At the website for which I am Editor-in-Pink, Owning,† we talk a lot about nurturing and owning every aspect of our authentic lives, vibrating with the vitality of a l…


How To Live Like You’re On Vacation – Everyday

By Lauren Nagel Ah, this month is a doozy isnít it? Donít get me wrong Ė I love my job, but thereís something about these first weeks in January that kills. Itís like yesterday was all a-flutter …


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Thanks for this helpful article. Didn't realize how many pluses there are in eating pistachios.

If the desk is 'high' enough,, it should be comfortable to stand, and do your work...

Any circus with animals is a horror show, and any knucklehead who chooses to attend these displays o…

The yogurt one surprised me, that's a lot of sugar!!