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Petition for Lions’ Endangered Species Status

In the last three decades wild African lions have declined by nearly fifty percent. Even so, they are not listed in the United States as an endangered species yet. Consequently, there are still some v…


25 Lions Rescued from Circus Cages

Twenty-five rescued circus lions from all over Bolivia were gathered this week, in preparation for their trip to an animal rescue center in Colorado. Animal Defenders International worked with Bolivia…


Hitchcock Actress Honored for Big Cat Preservation

Actress Tippi Hedren has been honored with a humanitarian award for her work protecting exotic animals like lions, tigers, and leopards. During her Hollywood years she was probably most well known for…


Big Cats vs. Pumpkins (video)

It's pumpkin time at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Watch these beautiful cats playing with and munching on their Halloween treats. …


Herbivores Outwit Carnivores (video)

In this clip from the BBC/Discovery Life series you'll see stunning footage of supposedly helpless herbivores beat the carnivores who are hunting for dinner. Sometimes numbers bring safety. Sometim…


4 Lion Cubs Born at National Zoo

At the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC a female lion gave birth to four cubs. The staff was excited by the births because they want to carefully expand their lion group from the three adult…


The Lion Whisperer & His Lion Family (3 videos)

We’ve seen how dogs relate to humans by considering them part of their pack. What about lions? Here are three videos showing how one amazing man, Kevin Richardson, has become so accepted by his…


59% Decrease in Population of Large African Animals

A recent study has stated that large mammals like buffalo and lions in African game parks have decreased by 59 percent from 1970 to 2005. The study was conducted by researchers from the United Nations…


Christian the Lion’s Extraordinary Reunion (video)

Christian the Lion was born at a London Zoo, which sold him to a pet shop where two young Australians bought him in 1969. They raised him as a pet for a few months, and he grew from 35 pounds to 185 p…


Lion Meat Burgers to be Served at Arizona Restaurant

A restaurant in downtown Mesa, AZ is reportedly to begin serving lion burgers made from real lion meat. The meat does not come from wild African lions. It comes from African lions living on a farm in …


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