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10 Stunning Lemurs You’ve Never Heard Of (Slideshow)

If you conjure up a mental image of a lemur, what does it look like? The chances are good that your mental picture has a grey body, a white face with black eye-fur, and a long, black-and-white band…


Guitar Company Admits To Using Illegal Rainforest Wood

By Lloyd Alter, TreeHugger A year ago, John covered the raid on Gibson Guitars, where the US Fish and Wildlife Service suspected that the company was guilty of violations of the Lacey Act, which …


Lemurs Far More Endangered Than We Thought

By Mat McDermott, TreeHugger In fact, Madagascar's iconic endemic primates are the most threatened mammal group in the world, with 91 percent of lemurs threatened with extinction. That's what a new…


Lemurs Close to Extinction

Lemurs, an animal only found in the country of Madagascar, are close to extinction. Science News by NewsLook   // Photo Credit: robert 7 via Flickr.   Related: It’s…


615 New Species in Madagascar in 11 Years

The World Wildlife Fund has released a report stating a huge number of new species has been discovered on the island nation of Madagascar over the last eleven years. From 1999-2010, 385 plants, 42 inv…


Possible New Lemur Discovered

A lemur species was discovered in Madagascar which scientists believe is probably new to science. It is a member of the genus of fork-marked lemurs, named because of the distinctive markings on their…


New Species in Madagascar Already Endangered

A new mongoose-like mammal species living in and near a lake in Madagascar has been identified as a new species. It had been observed in 2004, but was only recently confirmed by scientific analysis to…


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