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Males? These Snakes Don’t Need ‘Em

By Jennifer Viegas, Discovery Channel Virgin births among captive animals have sometimes been described as a desperate attempt by females with no access to males to procreate, but a new study doc…


10 Dating Tips from the Animal World

By Stephen Messenger, TreeHugger Does a dung beetle find love easier than us? From the humblest worm to the majestic blue whale, creatures large and small have spent hundreds of millions of year…


Can Animals Dance? (3 videos)

With the exception of the male emu who seems anxious to get the amorous attention of the lady, you might argue that the others animals (the kittens on page 2 and the bear on page 3) are not really…


Uglier Fish Have Better Sperm

If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were guppies instead of people, they may have had to adopt. That's according to new research reported by the BBC, which has shown that the most attractive male tropi…


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Just the other day a friend who is beginning to market garden tells me about these soil pots. So, in…

I use red chili flakes in much of my cooking, especially when I make tomato sauce, then I go a littl…

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