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Is Meat Glue Any More Gross Than Plain Old Meat?

“Pink slime!” What does that topical phrase make you think of? No, it is not the villain for the new superhero blockbuster, nor is it a distant relative to red tide. Pink slime has become somewhat …


Is Meat Glue Safe?

By Sara Novak, TreeHugger Transglutaminase and beef fibrin, often called meat glue, is an ingredient used across the food industry to hold together smaller cuts of meat, poultry, and fish that’s …


The Meat You Should Never Eat

from a local farm instead of the mass-produced variety from your local supermarket, perhaps this news brief from the Australian Today Tonight show will help change your mind. If you haven't yet se…


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Why not if people want to use it? It will get people out of jail.

The mans family must be so glad that loyal BeBe stayed with her friend and companion so he wasn't a…

I had to chuckle over Nelsons post. I suppose he would rather share the highways with drunks to pot …

Legalize it already! Alcohol and cigarettes are so much worse than marijuana. Ever hear of anyon…