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Top 15 Concerns About Aging

The aging process is often accepted with a combination of humorous resignation—it's not a fun process, but it definitely beats the alternative, right? The truth of this statement varies from person to…


Judi Dench Takes Memory Supplements–Should You?

At age 78, the fabled actress, Dame Judi Dench has worked with everyone from Gwenyth Paltrow to Pierce Brosnan, and won practically every available acting award. But, that doesn’t mean she’s immune…


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I lived in Turkey for 5 years and we sure ate a lot of these. I like them. Thanks for this post.

Great way to spend an insomnia ridden night. Amazing animals!

just what the world needs... more uses for a crop that has led to the destruction of countless nativ…

Very interesting thanks for sharing

I just fed the kids and didn't feel they were up to any thing. Good grief !