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7 Places Poo Will Power the Future (Slideshow)

By Tracy Staedter, Discovery Channel Everybody poops. But why should it just stop there? Feces -- human or other -- contains methane, hydrogen and nitrogen that can be converted into energy. And wh…


The True Impact of Hamburgers (Video)

By Brian Merchant, TreeHugger On average, Americans eat three burgers a week. That may sound surprising in statistic form, but it squares pretty evenly with our nation's fast food infatuation…


Can Garlic Stop Climate Change?

From Ode Magazine Over 20 percent of methane gas, a greenhouse gas, is emitted by cows. There are about a billion cows in the world, and their methane emissions total more than the methane gas prod…


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Very interesting article full of awareness for all pet owners - I knew most of this but had no idea …

That healthy balance is essential.

By their reactions (and they actually did dance), there's no doubt that they really liked the music.…

Hats off to them they've got more rhythm than me!

I wouldn't bike on the A9 for love nor money! It's far too dangerous.