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How to Take a Compliment

After a few days in London, I recognized a pattern. It seems to be a common theme that Brits are uncomfortable taking compliments. In response to this realization I decided to vlog about it! In this v…


In Defense of Doctors

If youíve been following my blog series about Pink Medicine, youíll see that Iíve been kind of harsh to the†doctors of the Old Medicine. Iíve put out a†global apology on behalf of physicians everywher…


Seeking Spiritual Growth?

A single word can open your heart; a single glance can tell you who you really are. Awakening doesnít happen according to the plan. Itís much more like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without knowi…


Magical and Miraculous

Though we may not understand it, the essential truth of the universe is that it's synchronistic and coincidental. Everything is connected with everything else, and if we are in synch with the univers…


When Death Knocks

Death isnít about what I possess but about what I can become. Today I see myself as a child of time, but I may become a child of eternity. I see my place here on Earth, but I may be on a journey to …


Miracle Healings? I Ask You

Last week I experienced this at the Omega Institute: A huge tent filled with 1,200-1,400 people all dressed in white, many in wheelchairs, many children with deformities or no hair from chemo, all qu…


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This doesn't say one way or the other whether the artificial cherry juice worked, too. It only says…

Yes, genetic mutations can cause ALS, but nowadays there is one thing that cannot be overlooked: LYM…

Another reason to love cherries! I always get bummed when they go out of season! I would worry about…

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