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8 Commonly Misused Words (Slideshow)

  People stray from the dictionary definition of words all the time. Myself included! Misusing words doesn't say much about our intelligence, though! More likely, what these misused words exem…


8 Spelling Mistakes Even Smart People Make

By Desktop Diva via DivineCaroline English is a screwy language. There’s just no logic to it. Why is daughter pronounced daw-ter, but laughter not law-ter? How can though, through, and tough look…


Wisdom from Michele Howe

We are mistake-makers. It is part of being human. Every day, more accurately, every hour, we err. Whether in areas of judgment, precision, or skill...individuals forget to read an entire report, they …


The Story Of An Imperfect Woman

I know an imperfect woman who makes lots of mistakes, fails to live up to traditional models of what a good woman would be like, and insists upon doing many things people think she shouldn’t do. Th…


For All the New Moms Who Feel Clueless

Lately, I've been talking to a lot of new mothers who feel so much pressure to have it all together and don't feel safe expressing how overwhelming it can be to have a child. If you have a new bab…


When a Crisis Arises, Don’t Panic

Kids make mistakes and do stupid things. That's what kids do. As young children their brains aren't developed enough to be able to think abstractly and clearly about complicated or long range cons…


The Secret to Career and Life Management

By Nancy Anderson With fall officially here, it's a perfect time to conduct a review of gains and losses you experienced this past year. Frequent reviews are the secret of career and life manag…


Embrace Your Mistakes

Last night, as I was sleeping, I dreamt -- marvelous error! -- That I had a beehive Here inside my heart. And the golden bees Were making white combs And sweet honey From my old failures. -- A…


How We Stumble: 6 Mistakes of Man

The great Roman orator Cicero (106-43 B.C.) offered these "Six Mistakes of Man"--six habits of thinking that keep us a prisoner of ever-shrinking patterns. Who doesn’t share some of these? Find out wh…


Daily Quotes May 2007

Here are the daily inspirational quotes for May 2007. We hope you enjoy them! Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret, and depression. …


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Some of the sweetest dogs I've ever met were pitbulls.

If only we were as loyal to our pets, as they are to us.

Seriously, Bev J., you think the answer is for women to just avoid men? Straight woman don't want t…

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