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Vegan M&M’s May Soon Be the New Ethical Junk Food

What I remember most about becoming vegan is the constant tidal wave of things I couldn't have. It often seemed like every time I turned around, I was finding out about something else I couldn't eat t…


M&M’s Blamed for Green & Blue Honey in France

The autumn honey harvest in the Alsace region of France is hitting a major setback. ABC News reports that in the northeastern region of France, home to 2,400 beekeepers and 35,000 colonies that prod…


Give Used Halloween Candy Wrappers A Second Life

In the days leading up to Halloween, American consumers spend nearly $2 billion on candy. By the time the sugar-high wears off, millions of candy wrappers have been needlessly discarded and end up in …


Green Girl Fights Food Coloring

As a little kid, what was your favorite treat? Was it M&M's? Skittles? Ice cream with rainbow sprinkles? Cookies or cupcakes with pretty frosting? Ice cream sundae with a (maraschino) cherry on t…


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Several essential vitamins and minerals are missing from the typical American "balanced" diet. Are …

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