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Do You Take Your Yoga Mindset Off the Mat?

by Jeni James of Tadasana Travel, Contributor to Yoga on The vibration that comes along with astral sequences asks us what we value in our lives? What qualities, people, and po…


What Would You Do? 10 Moral Dilemmas

Have you ever felt bad about cutting someone off in traffic? When you take a free sample at the supermarket, do you feel compelled to purchase the product, or at least pretend you will? Itís rare to…


Men Are Not Moral Bums

A few days ago, I read an article entitled, "The Morality Gap: Are Men Moral Bums?" by Nicole Balin in The Huffington Post. Spoiler alert: they are, according to Balin. She points to a handful of stud…


What We Can Learn from Babies (video)

Alison Gopnik, a famed developmental psychologist, talks about what she calls The Philosophical Baby, childrenís consciousness, and their ideas of love and morality. She thinks "there is good reason t…


Is Consciousness Susceptible To Authority?

Consciousness is undoubtedly malleable. It can be made to conform to unreality, untruth, and to every variety of inhumane conditions. There is still cause for hope, however, because the forces tha…


The Road to a Hellion Child is Paved with Good Intentions

As parents, we all want to move our children into a more evolved and refined moral universe. A place where decisions about right and wrong are executed with compassion and assurance, leaving our child…


Do Animals Have Souls? Part Three

In times of tribal animism, the boundaries between animal and man were relatively indistinct. All of nature was suffused with the essence of the supernatural, and everything had souls, including rocks…


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I use dish towels all the time to wrap gifts, great ideas.. Thank you..

When my cats purr, it is music to my ears. You can tell they are content then with their world.

Shirley P. Shirley P.
on Why Do Cats Purr?
4 minutes ago

some were real good

Thanks for an interesting article; all animals communicate.