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DOs and DON’Ts of Soothing Sore Muscles After Exercise

Photo Courtesy of: iStockphoto/Thinkstock Muscle soreness following a vigorous workout is sometimes managed by stretching, practicing yoga, soaking in a hot bath and simply suffering through. But who…


Back Pain? Say It Ain’t Pso!

Stretching. So many muscles, so little time! We all know to stretch our quads, calves, and our hammies before embarking on any exercise routine. We elongate our calves, loosen our necks and shoulders.…


Building Muscle: Caffeine (video)

Need a quick tip on choosing the best foods that'll help you build muscle? Watch this! Related Link: Are Caffeinated Beverages Dehydrating?…


No Pain, No Gain?

Q: When it comes to exercise, do you believe in the old adage "no pain, no gain"? A: This really depends on your definition of "pain." I get up every morning at 5:30 to go to the gym. Sometimes t…


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I have a Standard Poodle and they are smart smart smart! The forgot the Pomeranian and Golden Dood…

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Blame it on Lawyers. large super markets are afraid of lawsuits from "Bad" food that homeless have …