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Battling the Self

Battling the Self - The Only Enemy There Is by Dr. Neala Peake, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of There is no such thing as being a victim. This doesn't mean that people can't…


Living with an Addict

If you love someone with an addiction, you're no stranger to stress and sadness. Whether staging an intervention, suggesting a therapist, getting family counseling, or another addiction treatment, the…


Do You Expect People To Read Your Mind?

If she flies across the country to surprise me on my birthday, I’ll know we really are best friends. If he reaches out to me and shares the details of his challenges when times are tough, and if he…


9 Assists When Asking For What You Need

Rule Two: Ask for what you need. While I received some resistance to each of the 5 Rules For Holidays That Don't Suck, the second one seems to have cultivated the most emotional response. You woul…


Healing Separation

All of us bring our needs to relationships, but they don’t have to turn into attachment. Attachment is created when needs aren’t understood and faced. Needs you place on your partner never really …


Surrender to Your Real Needs and Desires

When you first think of the word surrender, you probably associate it with defeat. This is a natural association from the ego’s viewpoint. In any situation where struggle dominates, no one is acting…


You Can’t Always Get What You Want

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need….” -Rolling Stones This song starts to play in my head at interesting moments. Lately it is on instant replay a…


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please remember that until the past few years I don't think the knowledge about the rainforest destr…

I love lemons and use them nearly everyday, thanks Michelle ; )

Thanks for the video. We got to stop killing things -- need to stop destroying forests.

If there are thousands of pygmy sloths that's very good news. The challenge is leaving them alone so…