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If 7 Billion People Lived Like… (Infographic)

By Michael Graham Richard, TreeHugger Tim de Chant has created a great infographic that shows the ecological footprint that would be used if the whole world's population (estimated at 7 billion) l…


Nepal’s Kung Fu Nuns in Practice

The Amitabha Drukpa Nunnery in Kathmandu, Nepal, houses the world's first order of kung fu nuns. Arts Video News by NewsLook var nl_rand = "d0DWKyX2OxPSbkiR", NewsLook = NewsLook || {}; News…


Monsanto GMO Corn Forced on Nepal

The Nepalese government has teamed up with agricultural giant Monsanto to force farmers to use its GMO seeds. The strain, banned in several EU countries, will be used to substitute imports. Worl…


Disappearing Glaciers in the Himalayas

The Himalayas are home to the planet's tallest mountains, a vast range rising above Nepal and Tibet. But the locals say that climate change is affecting the landscape drastically. Science News b…


34 More Wild Tigers Found in Nepal

A two-year research project found quite a number of wild tigers in Nepal, mainly in southern Nepal's Chitwan National Park. Researchers counted 125 tigers in the park, versus 91 for the last survey. …


Nineteen Poachers Arrested for Killing Rhinos

In Nepal's Chitwan National Park a large group of poachers was arrested. Two of the main culprits were sentenced to jail terms; one 14 years and the other 15.  Another was sentenced to eight. In addit…


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