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10 DIY Green Cleaning Recipes

The first day of spring is coming up in just a week and a half, and that means it's time to start thinking about spring cleaning! Instead of harsh store-bought cleaners, try some of these DIY green cl…


6 Natural House Cleaning Recipes

My aunt Julie is one of the coolest people I know. She is in her early 70s and runs triathlons and wins most of the ones she competes in. She beat pancreatic cancer a number of years ago and never ski…


8 Scary Cleaning Chemicals to Avoid

The average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals, say environmental experts. We're exposed to them routinely -- from the phthalates in synthetic fragrances to the noxious fumes in oven clean…


Home Detox: Greener Cleaners & Houseplants

Had a great time on†Ebru Today talking about how to detox our homes as we prepare to seal ourselves in for the colder months. I focused primarily on cleaning products because I think so many folks…


The King and Queen of Green and New GD Studio

Listen, laugh & learn with the Green Divas Radio Show Podcast! We had a great time in our new studio digs -- WMTR 1250AM (northern NJ/NY metro). Our production crew was awesome (thank you Mike)…


The Great Thanksgiving Countdown

If you are not hosting everyone at your house, consider yourself lucky. You donít have to clean up the whole house, manage all the expectations, or think about whether or not everything can fit in you…


Guide to Cleaning Product Labels

When we clean our homes, is it best to use antibacterial, disinfectant or sanitizing cleaners?† Whatís the difference between those labels?† Is it better to use one in the kitchen and another in the b…


Make Your Kitchen Squeaky Green – Book Giveaway!

Sooner or later, everybody's gotta eat. Which is why the kitchen, more than any other room, is the heart of the home. You could argue that the kitchen is the new living room -- it's even OK to have a …


Do Household Cleaners Cause Breast Cancer?

Pesticides, household cleaners, and air fresheners are of interest in breast cancer research because many contain mammary gland carcinogens and/or endocrine disrupting compounds, according to a ne…


Get Rid of Maggots and Flies in Your Trash

The unpleasant odor of a can full of trash is something most of us simply tolerate. But if youíve ever had the misfortune of opening up your outdoor trash can and discovering little crawling white mag…


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What about crude oil? LOL!

" Can't judge a book by it's cover"!!!

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YES! Do "get crafting" (or cooking, even.) #1 All those hand & wrist motions actually develope…

Don't trust Walmart. Full Stop. Any company that doesn't pay a living wage is very suspect when it s…