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10 Simple Ways to Make Valentine’s Day More About Love & Less About Stuff

Red is the usual color associated with Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean you can't be green in how you celebrate. Here are 10 ways to show the planet a little love at the same time you're showeri…


Fair Trade Chocolate: A Myth?

As February begins, red hearts and sappy cards crowd the shelves. But the question on my mind, as well as on the minds of many other conscious consumers is not which glittery red gift to purchase, but…


Navigating That Puzzling Chocolate Terminology

It used to be there were two kinds of chocolate: chocolate chips and chocolate bars. Then there was dark chocolate and milk chocolate, and soon thereafter white chocolate came into play. But take a lo…


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I can add another one for the downside of birdfeeders... Weeds! If you don't constantly rake up th…

Notice the picture. Charcoal, not gas.

There is also good British research showing that the more servings of fruits and vegetables one eats…

Just made chocolate chip cookies. With dark chocolate chips that are GMO free, gluten free, etc. et…