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7 Best Eco-Alternatives to Throw-Away Paper Towels

Sure, paper towels are convenient. But they're also one of the biggest sources of trash in our kitchens. Not only do they usually come wrapped in plastic you can't re-use. You can use a paper towel on…


Paper Towel Junkie Intervention

I hate to admit it, but I was once a paper towel junkie. I blame it on genetics. My mom's side of the family. A kitchen without paper towels? Impossible! And the paper towel holder? A must-have …


Baby Boomers Have Heavy Footprints

Did you grow up during a time when plastic was having its heyday? In fact, maybe you recall this line from the movie, The Graduate: "I just want to say one word to you...just one word...Plastics. The…


3 Ways to Ditch Paper Towels

Sure, using 100 percent recycled paper products beats using paper towels made from virgin fiber, but the greenest option is to skip the paper towels all together. Whether you're in the kitchen,…


Greenest Paper Towels and Napkins

When Arthur Scott came up with the idea of the disposable paper towel back in 1932, not many people had the foresight to envision what a bane toss-away paper products would become. But here we are…


DIY Knitted Dishcloth

How do you like your dishrags? Do you care? Maybe not, but while we are ditching the paper napkins why not just chuck the paper towels out too? And, since we're dishing about dishrags, I like my di…


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