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Beware! The 6 Most Mislabeled Foods

It is unthinkable that we allow companies to get away with blatant dishonesty on food labels. All ingredients should be listed, no matter what.  Be wary when you buy these 6 foods, and seek out their …


What is Irradiated Food and Why Should I Avoid It?

If you're a Whole Foods shopper who occasionally peruses the market's free pamphlets and brochures, you might know a thing or two about the dangers of irradiated food--at least, that's where I learned…


Pros and Cons of Pasteurization

Pasteurization kills organisms--such as salmonella, listeria, and brucella--that can make you sick or cause food to spoil but opponents argue that it changes foods' flavor and damages beneficial vitam…


Raw Milk: Easy Greening

One day my husband announced that he wanted to buy a cow so that we could drink raw (non-pasteurized) milk. Now this wouldn't be a new animal for our farm, since we live in New York City. Hmmm. And, i…


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Dear Amanda, you didn't have a "friends with benefits" relationship. You had an unbalanced relation…

A HFLC works wonders as does IF. Though not for everyone. Switching from being a sugar burner to a f…

Great post with a lot of usefull information. Thanks!

Instructions on how to get the cap off the bottle would have been helpful. It is designed to not be …