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United Nations Blames Humans for 2013′s Extreme Weather

The newest "Status of the Climate Report" from the United Nations states that global warming is predominately caused by human activity. The climate report for 2013 was based on data from three indepen…


Is Climate Change Funny?

I recently heard a stand-up comedian who devoted a good chunk of his monologue to “global warming” (aka, climate change).  First, he joked that he wasn’t sure how to personally prepare – so he bought …


Polar Bear Mom Rescues Cub From Sea

By Brook Bolen, Ecorazzi The necessity of environmental protection has arguably never been more apparent, but at least the sobering warning comes with a warm fuzzy. During a recent scientific ex…


Greenpeace Ad Stars Homeless Polar Bear

By Crystal Wiltshire, Ecorazzi Watching a stranded animal scrounge and starve is enough to pull at anyone’s heart strings. That is the imagery behind a powerful new Greenpeace video starring a home…


Baby Polar Bear Cubs Play (Video)

In Northern Manitoba, Canada, two fluffy, white baby polar bear cubs play with each other while their mother keeps a watchful eye on them nearby. The siblings have a great time keeping one another ent…


China Throws Party for Polar Bear Cub

Yuanyuan, China's first artificially-bred polar bear, turned 100 days old on Sunday. Staff at Penglai Oceanic Polar World in China celebrated by throwing the cub a party. Photo Credit: tableatny via F…


500 Polar Bears Need ‘Adopting’

The World Wildlife Fund in Russia is starting a polar bear adoption program for about 500 bears to raise money for conservation, research and their protection in the Russian Arctic region. In the p…


Modern Polar Bears Orginated in Ireland

By Jaymi Heimbuch, Treehugger Brown Bears and Polar Bears Met Often during Last 100,000 Years A team of scientists discovered that the female ancestor to all modern polar bears was actually a spe…


Polar Bears Not Endangered, Says Government

A bid to have the legal status of polar bears changed from "threatened" to "endangered" has failed. The Forest and Wildlife Service said they believe polar bears are only threatened because there are …


Ice-Skating Polar Bears (Video)

Okay, mama polar bear isn't really ice-skating, but it sure looks like it. And baby bear trying to play while she's trying to take care of business is just too adorable. …


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THIS IS A STRESS RESPONSE, NOT ENJOYMENT. I worked at the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn NY many y…

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