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Polar Bears Not Endangered, Says Government

A bid to have the legal status of polar bears changed from "threatened" to "endangered" has failed. The Forest and Wildlife Service said they believe polar bears are only threatened because there are …


Ice-Skating Polar Bears (Video)

Okay, mama polar bear isn't really ice-skating, but it sure looks like it. And baby bear trying to play while she's trying to take care of business is just too adorable. …


Teen Helps Polar Bears

Seventeen-year old Michael Young and two other teens created a website called to help polar bears by slowing global warming. Young was inspired to help them after visiting Churchill, Man…


Polar Bear Could Get Endangered Species Status

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan is reviewing the federal government's decision that rejected endangered species status designation to the polar bear. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will hav…


True Love 4: More Loving Animal Friends (3 videos)

Here are more heartwarming interspecies friendships, and even love, following on from our popular video collections: True Love: No Matter Who You Are; True Love 2: More Animal Friends; and True Lo…


Polar Bear Capital of World Could Lose Its Bears

The wild polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba are so well known there is a tourist industry generated by their presence. Many people travel there to see the bears on eco-tours provided by local vendors.…


Grizzly Bear Polar Bear Hybrid Shot and Killed

In Canada's Northwest Territories (not far from Alaska) an Inuit hunter shot and killed a strange-looking polar bear. After an examination by scientists, it was confirmed the bear was part polar and p…


Grief for the Planet? How to Heal

I am a bleeding heart when it comes to the Earth. I well up with tears when I see a deer dead on the side of the road, when I see a pond choked with algae from fertilizer runoff, when I hear of a newb…


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"Why's it so blue? Where's the moss and liiy pads? This water taste like crap. What's going on hear?…

Very good advice, thanks. Not easy to learn to do but definitely worth working towards..

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