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Healthy & Delicious Raita Recipes

Thick, creamy and good for your health, yogurt lends itself to a variety of delicious dishes. At my home, we make many varieties of "raita" —yogurt mixed with vegetables or fruit. Here is one of my…


7 Homemade Spa Treatments from Holiday Leftovers

From turkey enchiladas, to mashed potato fritters, we're always looking for ways to put our holiday leftovers to good use. But what if we stopped shoveling it in and started shoveling it on? Why not…


Superfood: 10 Delicious Pomegranate Recipes

They're a little bit funny looking and tough to seed, but once you get the hang of the humble pomegranate, you're in for a delicious treat that's packed with nutrients. Pomegranate seeds are full o…


10 Vegan Superfood Recipes

When you think of superfoods, you probably picture exotic, expensive, hard-to-find ingredients like acai or or goji berries, but there are plenty of superfoods available at the regular old grocery sto…


Yes, Pomegranates Are Good For You, But HOW Good?

How far can a company go in making claims about their product's benefits in order to sell it? In the case of POM Wonderful, the Federal Trade Commission upheld a judge's ruling that the claims their j…


Which Health Drinks are Actually Healthy?

  It seems like there's a new health drink on the market every day. With promises to prevent cancer and heart disease, boost your immunity, improve digestion, and other amazing results, someti…


8 Great Ways to Enjoy a Pomegranate

Stir pomegranate seeds into a bowl of plain yogurt.  Add some freshly chopped cilantro leaves, a little salt, and enjoy well-cooled. 1. Sprinkle some pomegranate seeds on your salad. 2. Drizzle …


Pomegranate: Fertility & Antioxidant Superfood

I love pomegranates! I drink the juice, eat the fruit and have even planted a pomegranate tree in the backyard which was a wedding anniversary present from a dear friend who knows how much my husband,…


Avocado and Pomegranate Salad with Sparkling Apple Juice

by Laurie David, Environmentalist and Author, The Family Dinner These vegan and kid-friendly recipes are great for a small or large group. The sparkling apple juice recipe (on page 2) is a great co…


Enjoy the Juicy Health Benefits of the Pomegranate

By Theresa DeLay for Hard to believe it's already snowing in Denver! Winter is certainly on its way, and with that we’re faced with a new lot of produce to enjoy. Among the many t…


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